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The Subscribers with Renzo's Fault - April 7, 2022

From their first gig in the basement of the Chelsea Hotel in 2004, The Subscribers have been delivering their brand of high energy party pop rock performances across the country and internationally. From small venues to large, from regular gigs to fund raisers, from celebrations to themed events, The Subscribers play the best of the best classic and current hits and make every performance a party.

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Dogs In A Pile - A Phish After Party

Dogs in a Pile is reminiscent of a psychedelic journey thru space and time all while nestled in the eye of a perfect storm. Never knowing when the eye will shift, one may find him or herself in a sway of soulful bliss, lost in a sea of funk or in a fury of poetic chaos. Entwined within this synthesis lies the Dogs rapture, the undeniable intrinsic rhythm of give and take between band and audience.


HHH Classic Rock Reunion with The Hollow Men - June 24, 2022

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