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Hill Country Live presents music in our clubs downstairs in New York City & Washington, D.C. Since our beginnings, we have transformed our music program, from a fun dinner enhancement to a vital music experience. We book bands that live comfortably under the Americana banner with a nod to our spiritual home in Austin, and so have been graced by the likes of Billy Joe Shaver, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bob Schneider, Hayes Carll, Puss 'n Boots (feat: Norah Jones), The Bottle Rockets, Marah, Chris Knight, Jim White, Big Sandy and Kelly Willis + Bruce Robison, to name a few. But we are also quite happy to present everything from the legendary underground rockabilly revivalist, Robert Gordon to a Bee Gees Metal Tribute (what's more American than that?) to the Motor City Garage Soul of the Detroit Cobras. 

Hill Country Live presents over 500 shows a year between our NYC and Washington, D.C. locations. To be considered please send us links to your website, live performance video, show/attendance history and a brief description. While we review every artist, we can’t always respond to everyone. Thanks for sharing your music! Submit your music inquiry to

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Caleb Caudle

Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, singer-songwriter Caleb Caudle was raised on rock n’ roll and Southern hospitality. Influenced by bands like The Clash and Velvet Underground, Caudle was playing North Carolina’s punk rock circuit by the age of 15. Naturally, his music matured with his age and he became more lyrically driven, adopting a love for collecting vinyl. In 2012, he decided to quit his day job and focus solely on music -- five years and four albums later, Caudle is gaining the traction he deserves. He was recently dubbed “the musical equivalent of high-proof bourbon – rich in flavor, with a subtle, satisfying bite,” by Rolling Stone editors for their list of “10 New Country Artists You Need To Know”.

August 15th | 8:30pm | $10-$12


Giles McConkey + The Orange Constant

Giles McConkey is a funk and alternative rock jam band from Blacksburg, VA. After meeting freshman year of college in 2012, living in the same dorm, they quickly discovered their musical interests coincided and they began casually playing together. Over the two years that followed, the group got serious and began gigging at the local bars in Blacksburg. Stunning their fan base with funky jams and uplifting melodies, the band quickly gathered a local following.

During the summer of 2015, Giles McConkey recorded and released their first EP titled “The Inner Ear Sessions” which featured 5 originally written tracks. The band also played at the Untitled Music Festival in New Castle, VA that summer. That fall, the band expanded their range to Richmond, VA when it played a set at The National. For the future, the band hopes to expand their influence to other cities throughout the east coast, record their first full-length album and expand their sound and song repertoire.

August 16th | 8:30pm | $10-$12


The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers + Colebrook Road

If you like your bluegrass heavy and traditional with stirring harmonies and powerful instrumentation delivered with steaming side dishes of progressive originality and garnished with high country psychedelia and working man's tonic, then look no farther than The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers.

September 6th I 9:30pm I $10-$12


Steve ā€™nā€™ Seagulls

 By nature, Steve ’n’ Seagulls is a Finnish band playing bluegrass(ish) versions of classic hard rock tracks (and a few originals in the mix) with an astonishing arsenal of acoustic instruments, including accordion, banjo, Cajon, double bass, and drums. Dressed in overalls, beaver hats and other clodhopper paraphernalia, they look like preposterous stereotypes of your average moonshining, tobacco-chewing corn-fed rednecks of bygone days.

 September 17th | 8:30pm | $15-$20