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Ethan Spalding & 422 - July 23rd, 2021

Ethan Spalding is the originator of a new music genre, TRAPROCK, Trap hip hop with big bass 808's and big guitar riffs fusion.
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To buy tickets to the 9pm show on July 23rd, please head here: Ethan Spalding & 422

On The Bus: Grateful Dead Tribute - July 24th, 2021

On the Bus is the longest-running premier Grateful Dead tribute band in the Washington DC area, known for its faithful recreation of the music, vibe  and experience of a Dead show. On The Bus is a tribute not just to the Dead, but to the entire community that spawned a multi-generational genre that artfully blends the essential elements of rock, blues, jazz, funk, country, bluegrass, and gospel.

Founded in 2002, On The Bus has performed with John Kadlecik, Tom Constanten, Vince Welnick, Jefferson Starship, New Riders, Moonalice, Cornmeal, Ekoostic Hookah,and many other talented musicians and bands.  

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To buy tickets for the 9:30pm show on July 24th, please head here: On The Bus: Grateful Dead Tribute

Hill Country Live Band Karaoke - July 28th, 2021

Wowing audiences and creating countless "rock stars" since 2010, The HariKaraoke Band has become an institution in Washington DC and beyond. Live Band Karaoke is sweeping the nation. Why? BECAUSE IT'S FUN! Singing with a live band-to a cheering crowd, is an amazing experience. Seeing friends and family giving their all to their favorite song can be unforgettable!

HariKaraoke's musicians are super-talented top players. They perform the sound and feel of every song with remarkable accuracy. They're also clever and funny! Their dynamic show includes engaging rapport with the audience, silly props and extra surprises.

Here’s how it works: Pick a tune from the distributed songbooks. Hop on stage and grab a microphone. Read the lyrics on our "ACME Word-O-Matic 5000" (band term for iPad). Sing. Don’t get gonged!

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To buy tickets for HariKaraoke on July 28th, please head here: HariKaraoke

Some tickets will be available to purchase at the door for $8.00

The Wooks w/ Honeyfunk - July 30th, 2021

The Wooks parlay a love of the rich musical and storytelling traditions of Bluegrass music into a new, old sound that embraces both a string-music heritage, and rock ‘n roll, jam, and singer-songwriter influences. Live on stage, or through the speakers at home, the Kentucky based band delivers their signature sound, “...with improv-savvy interplay that endears the band to jam music fans and bluegrass traditionalists alike,” according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

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To buy tickets to the 9:30 show on July 30th, please head here: The Woods w/ Honeyfunk

DC PHISH NIGHT FT. The Last Rewind - July 31st, 2021

Come hang and party with DC's best Phish Tribute The Last Rewind! PHISH PHANS UNITE!a group of people standing on a stage

To buy tickets for the 9:30pm show on July 31, please head here: DC Phish Night

Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind w/ Bobby Thompson and Jenny Langer- August 5th, 2021

Jason Ricci is one of the best and most imitated blues harmonica players of the 21st century. He picked up the instrument as a teenager when he started playing in a punk rock band. His journey started in earnest when he watched and later was mentored by legendary harmonica player Pat Ramsey in Memphis. As Ricci gigged and grew as a player he found work and support from the southern blues community. He lived and played with Junior and David Kimbrough in Mississippi and then worked as a sideman with Big Al and The Heavyweights for more than a year. In the late 90s, he formed Jason Ricci and New Blood, a band that toured around the world for more than a decade and released critically praised albums like Done With The Devil and Rocket Number 9. Ricci’s latest chapter is the New Orleans band Jason Ricci and The Bad Kind, a band influenced by the sounds of New Orleans and artists like The Meters and Doctor John.  What defines Jason Ricci as an artist is the fearlessness with which he approaches his instrument and music and transmutes the hardships we all face into unforgettable music. 

To buy tickets to the 8:30pm show on August 5th, please head here: Jason Ricci

MADE IN DC Ft. Wanted Man & The Kerosene - August 6th, 2021

We love to give back to our local musicians in DC! Please join us for MADE IN DC night featuring DC based bands Wanted Man & THe Kerosene! ALL DC ALL NIGHT!


To buy tickets the 9pm show on August 6th, please head here: MADE IN DC

Scott H. Biram - August 13th, 2021

Scott H. Biram unleashes a fervent display of conviction through, not only the genuine blues, classic country, bluegrass, and rock n roll, but he seals the deal with punk, heavy metal, and  frankly, anything else he wants to. He’s The Dirty Old One Man Band.
He will still the room with haunting South Texas blues, then turn it upside down, into a truck driver's mosh pit. Like he says, it might be baptism, or it might be murder, either way…you gonna see the light.

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To buy tickets for the 8:30pm show on August 13th, please head here: Scott H. Biram

Jumpin' Jupiter - FREE SHOW - August 28th, 2021

In the past 25 years, Pat, Doug,& Jay have continued to remain together with 5 different bass players passing through. First full on rock and roll band to grace the stage at the now shuttered IOTA club & cafe, as well as one of the last. 

Free show with doors at 9pm!!

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Eric Lindell & The Natural Mystics - August 30th, 2021

Born in San Mateo, California in 1969, Lindell spent countless hours in San Francisco, soaking up the musical sounds of the city, eventually leading him to pick up first the bass and then the guitar and harmonica. With a love of music and skateboarding, Lindell formed a few punky garage bands early on while his musical horizons expanded. He listened to the deep blues of Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Jimmy Reed and Albert King before drifting toward the R&B sounds of The Impressions, Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, soaking up the soul and learning how to craft a song. After performing at bars on the West Coast with a few short-lived bands, Eric formed his own group in 1993. He quickly gained a loyal Northern California audience thanks to countless performances and many late-night jam sessions. Established stars like Charlie Musselwhite and Tom Waits attended his shows, as did overflow crowds of music fans.

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To buy tickets to the 8pm show on August 30th, please head here: Eric Lindell & The Natural Mystics

Ray Scott - September 3rd, 2021

 2020 marks fifteen years since Ray Scott first burst upon the scene with his debut album My Kind of Music.  Call it an anniversary or a milestone if you will.  In some ways, a lot has changed since then.  In others, not much has changed at all.

What’s the same?  He still comes fully armed with that signature muscled, baritone voice that swings so low it scrapes the top of your boots as it sends a shiver down your spine.  He’s still as hardcore country as he ever was and he’s still making his kind of music.

What’s changed in the decade plus years since he parted ways with his record label and went out on his own?  His voice has gotten stronger, his songs punch harder and he’s having a helluva lot more fun these days.

To buy tickets for the 9:30pm show on September 3, please head here: Ray Scott

Kind Hearted Stangers - September 24th, 2021

Hailing from all corners of the country, Kind Hearted Strangers began as an impromptu open mic performance when songwriter Marc Townes (Virginia) met Brian Ireland (California) in Boulder, CO. They quickly joined forces with Kevin Hinder (Maryland) and Marshall Carlson (Iowa) to become a full band capable of bridging the gap between all out rock n’ roll and their harmony-driven acoustic roots.
 Their debut record “East // West” (2021) digs into the places they’ve come from and explores the places they’re going to, with a diverse sound that reflects the broad influences each member brings to the band.
Recorded in Denver, CO by Todd Divel of Silo Sound, mixed in Richmond, VA by Adrian Olsen of Montrose Recording, and mastered in Seattle, WA by Ed Brooks of Resonant Mastering - the album shares a wide-ranging influence and perspective on the relationships we have with one another and the places we call home.

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To buy tickets to the 9pm show on September 24th, please head here: Kind Hearted Strangers

The Legendary Shack Shakers - September 25th, 2021

The Legendary Shack Shakers’ hell-for-leather roadshow has earned quite a name for itself with its unique brand of Southern Gothic that is all-at-once irreverent, revisionist, dangerous, and fun. Led by their charismatic, rail-thin frontman and blues-harpist JD Wilkes, the Shack Shakers are a four-man wrecking crew from the South whose explosive interpretations of the blues, punk,rock and country have made fans, critics and legions of potential converts into true believers.

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To buy tickets to the 9:30pm show on September 25th, please head here: The Legendary Shack Shakers

Easy Honey & Virginia Man - October 2nd, 2021

Easy Honey: Forged on a Tennessee mountaintop, Easy Honey began molding their irresistible sound and raucous live performance in 2015. With sounds reminiscent of early Brit-Rock with a nod to 90’s alt-rock, Easy Honey captures both the playfulness and maturity that accompanies one’s coming of age. 

Virginia Man: Who is Virginia Man?Are they your hometown rapper from the beach? Are they a singer/songwriter from the mountains? Are they the chef of your favorite restaurant in uptown, or your favorite tattoo artist downtown? Truth be told, Virginia Man is anyone. Virginia Man is everyone.This Virginia Man is a 3-piece rock and roll band from Fredericksburg VA that sings lyrics from the bottom of your heart in songs from your fondest memory. 

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To buy tickets to the 9pm show on October 2nd, please head here: Easy Honey & Virginia Man

Igor & Red Elvises - October 16th, 2021

In 1995, Igor dreamed that Elvis Presley came to him and told him to start playing rock'n'roll. Igor and his Russian friends became Red Elvises and gave street performances on Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade. As their crowds grew larger, the City of Santa Monica ordered them to discontinue their street performances. Evolving over the years, Igor’s music has been labeled "Siberian Surf Rock” which contains humorous lyrics and grooves that forces his audience to dance. 

To buy tickets to the 9pm show on October 16th, please head here: Igor & Red Elvises

Slaid Cleaves - October 26th, 2021

Now twenty-five years into his storied career, Cleaves' songwriting has never been more potent than on his new album Ghost on the Car Radio.

The characters in Slaid Cleaves' songs live in unglamorous reality. They work dead-end jobs; they run out of money. They grow old; they hold on to each other (or not), and they die. With an eye for the beauty in everyday life, he tells their stories, bringing a bit of empathy to their uncaring world.

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To buy tickets to the 8pm show on October 26th, please head here: Slaid Cleaves

An Evening with Jason Eady w/ Carolina Story - October 31st, 2021

A near-lifelong songwriter who names Merle Haggard, Guy Clark, and Willie Nelson among his main inspirations, Eady grew up in Jackson and got his start performing in local bars at age 14, showing his natural grasp of everything from soul and R&B to blues and country. After some time in the Air Force, he moved to Fort Worth and started playing open mic nights, where he quickly built up a devoted following. After independently releasing his debut album From Underneath the Old in 2005, he expanded his touring radius and continued turning out critically praised work, including 2012’s AM Country Heaven (a top 40 debut on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart), 2014’s Daylight/Dark (an album that “belongs on a shelf next to Dwight Yoakam’s Buenos Noches from a Lonely Room, Joe Ely’s Letter to Laredo, and yes, even Willie Nelson’s Phases and Stages,” according to AllMusic), and his self-titled 2017 effort (hailed by Rolling Stone as “[h]eavily steeped in his storyteller lyrical style and cleverly framed by uncluttered, acoustic-rich arrangements”). Through the years, Eady has also made his name as an unforgettable live performer, sharing stages with the likes of Sturgill Simpson, Band of Heathens, and Reckless Kelly.

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To buy tickets to the 8pm show on October 31st, please head here: Jason Eady